Friday, June 26, 2009

Some past carvings . . .

Ok - I guess since the main point of this blog was supposed to be CARVING - I really ought to post at least a couple pics of some of my carvings right? Well, unfortunately our digital camera died a couple months ago and we're going to have to wait awhile to save up for new one. So all I have to post are a few picks of the VERY few carvings I worked on over the last year.

This first is a woodspirit hiking stick in White Birch that I did quite awhile back from a pattern in the Shawn Cipa, Chris Pye and Lora S Irish book on Woodspirits and Greenmen.
I especially love Shawn Cipa's woodspirit faces. They are so unique that you know them immediately. Love his curlycue beards. So I thought I'd give it a shot. Unfortunately, the left eye chipped out a little and I had to try to repair with Cyanoacrylate. So it looks a little off.

Here is a Santa again from a Shawn Cipa pattern. I gave this one to my mom for this past Christmas. Unfortunately, we never got to paint it before Christmas and after I showed it to her she didn't want to let it go for me to complete it. So, he remains unpainted. I did spray on a clear finnish to protect it though.

Lastly - here is a small Santa ornament from a Cindy Joslyn (sp?) pattern that we completed and also gave to my mom for Christmas this last year. This one my wife painted. I think she did a fantastic job.
So there's a small sampling of my carvings. When I can get a chance I post some pics of my bark carvings.

Been awhile eh?

Yeah - well . . . I got a little sidetracked with this thing that pays the bills called "work". So I've totally neglected this blog for nearly a year. Still been reading a lot and participating over on the WCI Forum quite a bit (ChuckT), but as for my own carving and blog . . . nada. I really must be the most undisciplined "carver" ever. For someone who is as fascinated by carving as I am (read constantly, talk on the WCI forum constantly, THINK about it every day etc.) I DO remarkably little of it. Which is why I've not posted links to this blog anywhere.

The thing about me is this . . . I am a LOT like - hmm, there was a character in The Hardy Boys books named Chet (I think) who was a collector of hobbies. A GREAT starter, and terrible finisher. Sadly - I seem to exhibit that trait as well. I find EVERYTHING fascinating. When I see someone doing something that looks interesting I want to learn all about it and do it too. Then interest tends to wane and it falls by the wayside - with the exception of a few things in my life.

1. My marriage & family. Happily married for 23 years now and going strong. 4 fine kids too!
2. Guitar & music. Been playing guitar for 32 years and singing & playing for church for just about as long. Still going strong. Should be a much better player after that long but I do ok.
3. Interest in woodworking and carving. Though I do very little of it my interest has NOT fallen off.

So with carving, I am a slow starter & slow finisher, but hopefully it'll be something I do till I die.

Still, compared to lot's of others out there I am a woefully slow and inadequate "carver". I even hesitate to call myself a carver - kinda like calling myself "an athlete" just because I play a pick up game of basketball or soccer a few times a year. But in my mind - I am and always will be a carver.