Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bamboo NA style flute - Update

So I thought I'd give an update to my post about making a bamboo NA style flute in Mike Bloomquist's class at NEWR this past July. Although I was pleased with flute overall at the time, it was very quiet and "breathy". So after getting home I started doing more research online about NA Style flutes and making them. I've found a few great resources for those interested in this which I'll list out in a follow up post.

One of the things I learned was that the true sound hole (TSH) and flue are critical elements in determining the voice and volume of a flute. So - I decided to sand down my flue area and recut it. Wow! What a difference. To show you how it sounds here is a YouTube video of me improvising in a gymnasium (great reverb) at the camp we go to with family & friends every year over Labor Day weekend. Let me know what you think about the sound (not necessarily the playing).